Happy Solstice, readers!

As we enter the longest night in thousands of years We look to the sun rise knowing that our days will only grow brighter from here May your glass never empty and there be warm food on your hearth Gather together with friends and family to celebrate another season on this earth. Happy Solstice everyone!… Continue reading Happy Solstice, readers!


NaNoWriMo Synopsis Submission on Medium!

   As many of you know I was severely slacking on my promise to add a chapter every week or chapter triad every month for my Arthurian serial. So I took the very few words I already had for Camelot Shall Fall and last month I participated in NaNoWriMo and won! It took a lot… Continue reading NaNoWriMo Synopsis Submission on Medium!

Story for Hallowe’en! Restless Witch’s Spirit

This is a story hailing from Quebec Possibly dating back to the sixteen hundreds. I originally heard it on a bus tour in Old Quebec City, where the old architecture and cobbled roads capture the imagination, allowing one to see ghosts from the past lurking in every old window. This story is not very well… Continue reading Story for Hallowe’en! Restless Witch’s Spirit