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About T.S Rider

A long time author, T. S. Rider enjoys good storytelling and fantastical tales of great deeds and mythical beasts. This reflects strongly in her own writing, which is dominated by dragons, unicorns, and creatures of her own immagination. “To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.” – William Blake

T.S Rider’s Q&A

Many members of our fellowship have decided to take part in a Q&A. Here is T.S Rider’s.

Q:Your audience

T: I guess YA and adult. Haven’t thought about it much.

Q:Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written.

T: I have a Master’s of Sceince in Biology, and currently teach at a local University as an adjunct. I’m also an artist and crafter, and currently make wands from natural pecan wood, tumbled gemstones, and suede. I’ve lost count of how many manuscripts I’ve written. Most all are longer than 50K, and very few under 10K.

Q: Do you have any unusual writing habits?

T: I often make things from my stories. Whether it is the costume of one of the characters, or a sculpture of one of the creatures that I made up for the story. I do like to make up creatures where it is needed. XD

Q: What authors or books have influenced you?

T: There are too many books to list, but some of my favorite authors include, Kate Elliot, Kristen Britain, Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, Eric Van Lustbader, Lee Martindale, Tanith Lee, Gale Greeno, David Gemmell, etc. XD

Q: What are you working on now?

T: Currently I’m working on my wands and wand shop. I have a couple of stories that I’m playing with writing, and trying to get one of my manuscripts ready for submission.

Q; What is your best method or website for book promotion

T: No idea, but I tell everyone I know where they can get a copy of something I’ve written through every medium possible. Including Facebook, e-mail, and word of mouth.

Q: Do you have any advice for new authors?

T:The things I’ve been told the most: Keep at it, don’t quit. Money flows to the author. Once you finish one project, go on to the next, don’t sit and wait for the story to be rejected or accepted before starting your next one. And finally; don’t quit your day job, at least not right away.

Q:What is the best advice you have ever heard?

T: See previous question.

Q: What are you reading now?

T: Kate Elliot Crown of Stars series

Q: What’s next for you as a writer?

T: Finish polishing one of my longer manuscripts for submission.

Q: 3 or 4 books for deserted island?

T: I have to choose! 😥 Really, anything I haven’t read yet would be a good choice.

Q: What inspires you to write?

T:  My dreams. Most mornings I wake up from very vivid dreams. They’re usually only one scene of a story, but I can often determine the rest of the story from that one scene.

Q: Tell us about your writing process

T: Often I just sit down and write. I have to have some music or the TV on while I write because I have mild ADD, and need something to turn to when I lose focus on the story.

Q: Are you an outliner or a seat of the pants writer?

T: Sometimes I outline, most of the time I write by the seat of my pants. Often when I outline, once I start writing the character decides they want to change the story, and then the outline just goes out the window.

Q: If you are an outliner, what do you use to outline? Whiteboard? Software?

T: Notebook paper mostly. That way I can look at it, and look back at it at anytime without having to change the window on my screen. Whiteboard might be a good change, except I don’t think there is a whiteboard large enough for me to outline one of my stories on that’ll fit in my room. XD

Q: Do you create character sketches before or during your writing?

T: During, it’s often easier to flesh out the character that way.

Q: Do you listen to or talk to your characters?

T:  I talk to them all the time, I just don’t do a lot of listening. The last time I did, the character decided to throw out the outline halfway through the story, then at the end decided she wanted to go back to the outline.

Q:  How do you interact with your characters while you are writing?

T: I make them do the things I’m writing, and squish their complaints because I’m the writer!

Q: What advice would you give other writers?

T: Don’t write for fame and fortune, write because you have a story to tell.

Q: How did you decide how to publish your books?

T: I like physical books, so I hope to have my books printed, but I am  open to e-publishing just because I could do it myself.

Q: What do you think about the future of book publishing?

T:Physical books will never go away, but they will become more of a luxury item since e-books are so easy to get and store. I think I’ll lose my mind if all the books I want in the future are only available as e-books. I don’t trust technology, and a physical book’s battery never runs out, nor does the software crash and loses a library worth of books. With physical books, it takes a library fire to lose that many stories.

Q: Artwork?

T: I make various types of artwork, including sculpture, costumery, accessories, woodworking, and jewelry. I have been primarily workingon selling the wands I make from natural pecan wood, tumbled gemstones, and suede. I also make boxes, stands, and pouches for the wands.



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