R.R Brooks

RR Brooks

About RR Brooks

Robert R. Brooks, a native of New Jersey, writes fiction as R.R. Brooks in the fantasy, scifi, and mystery genres.  Several schools, including the
school of experience and The Great Smokies Writing Program of the University of North Carolina, have trained Bob.  The short story “Soul Snatch,” an honorable mention in a Writers Digestcompetition, has been published along with other science fiction and fantasy pieces.  One of his two plays, a historical piece on a white squirrel invasion, has been staged.  Bob’s writing life involves active membership in both the Blue Ridge Writers Group and the Appalachian Round Table, service as a judge for the Brevard Little Theater Annual Play Competition, and being a reader for the Eric M. Hoffer Award for self-published books.

Now retired, he balances writing with reading, golf, bridge, and the arts.  He continues to write short stories and novels.  His heroic fantasy novel Justi the Gifted (see synopsis) will be out soon from Leo Publishing (www.leopublishing.net).   A science fiction-thriller novelClean Copy is being revised.  With co-author A.C. Brooks, he is finishing a mystery with a paranormal and psychological-twist, The Clown Forest Murders.  A sequel to Justi the Giftedis in the works.

As Tom Clancy says, “The difference between fiction and reality?  Fiction has to make sense.”

 About His Book Justi the Gifted

Justi the Gifted, an epic fantasy tale by R.R. Brooks, has just been published by LeoPublishing  L.L.C. and can be ordered from Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and your local bookstore (who would love for you to visit).

A gift from a god can be good.  But what if it is damaged?

As invading barbarians bring slavery and human sacrifice to the Kingdom of the Zell, the old god Li decides to modify his creation and confers the Sense of Justice on Justi, a peasant boy of Ortun.  But Justi does not get the whole gift, for the god Dar sunders the blessing and divides the power.  Justi, supposed to be a model of conscience, is left with a wild killing power, a lethal flame he can’t control.

Mercerio, secret heir to the throne, is also gifted.  Prophecy foretells that the children of the gift must meet.  When Justi is driven to Mercerio, her mercy talent tempers the angry flame within him, at least while they are near.  But enchanted animals, attempted assassinations, uncertain seers, battles, and a kidnapping keep them distant.  An even greater barrier—a seduction—blocks their union.  When Justi reluctantly uses his power to rescue Mercerio, the price is steep—the very thing he has always feared happens.  He kills an innocent.

Shocked and shaken, Justi finds his future and his love in doubt.



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