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About JoElle


She writes stories modern day fairy tales for young adults and adults young at heart. 

Her young adult series takes place in both the modern world of humans and the enchanted world of FeyTerrah. Though the human world has all the comforts of materialism and advancements of technology; the real magic happens when it collides with the way of the Fae.

What happens when a college Freshman named Lily meets a group of elves searching for a missing fairy princess?

In the “Dreamer’s Forest Series”, one day Lily is working her way through school by helping out at her family’s Bed & Breakfast. A few days later she is lost in FeyTerrah dealing with mischievous elves, fighting off scary monsters, meeting magical dragons, and falling in love with an entrancing elf named Dreamer.

The romance and fantasy continue in JoElle’s magical world of El’Faelin. Julianne and Forest are best friends. They share a strong physical attraction. However, both are determined to not fall in love with the other. But fate and destiny seem to have other plans in mind for the pair.

We also meet Morgan, who accidentally enslaves her friend Blackberry. She is determined to free him, though she may lose him forever by doing so.  These romances and more are soon to come.

JoElle’s stories are filled with romance, adventure, humor, and a good dose of magic.The characters, whether human or fae, are brave, kind, good, honorable, and sometimes a little bit naughty (just as elves and fairies should be). Nature is respected, the good guys win, and the hero and the heroine always live happily ever after.

Fun Facts about JoElle’s YA Fantasy Series Dreamer’s Forest

The Kingman Family – they are named after the town of Kingman AZ.

Dexy – is named after the band Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Alyssa and Amanda – are named after my nieces. One of them, in the story, studies nursing. One of my

nieces actually just finished nursing school.

Rachel Kingman – was named in honor of my son’s German Shepherd Dog, Rachel, who was a guide dog


Dreamer – was the most difficult character to name. He rejected about five names before he accepted

Dreamer. I didn’t find out why until later. His name came to me while listening to the Dream Academy’s

song Life in a Northern Town.

A Bridge in the Forest – I sent my sister and nieces a list of 12 names for the title of the first novel. They

didn’t like any of them. The title didn’t come to me until the manuscript was nearly finished. It made the

titles of the next books, A Secret in the Forest and Moonlight in the Forest, very easy.

The inspiration for the story came to me while I was driving through the Willamette and Deschutes

National Forests in Oregon during a full moon.

JoElle Martin’s Q&A


Each of the Fellowship has taken part in a Q&A to let readers know a little more about themselves and their process. Below is JoElle’s Interview.

Q – Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written.

JoElle – I am convinced I was a male elf in a previous life. I always find myself strongly connected to the male

protagonist of my stories. Three of my novels were published, but they were released as four books

because my first novel was rather long for YA. I’ve just finished my first Fantasy Romance. It is sort of a

Harlequin Fairy Tale. I also have three other WIPs.

Q – What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it? What are you working on now?

JoElle – I have just finished writing Julianne’s Wish. It is about finding your true soulmate. The story sort of

just popped into my head after I read Plato’s explanation of soul mates in his Symposium.

After I get Julianne’s Wish submitted, I plan to finish Chloe’s Promise. They are both Fantasy Romances.

Adult modern day fairy tales. I always work on two or three novels at a time because stories come to me

and I start on them while the ideas are fresh. I then set them aside to finish whatever I have going.

Q – What authors or books have influenced you?

JoElle – Every fairy tale and romance I’ve ever read: The Snow Queen, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Peter

Pan, Snow White & Rose Red, Rapunzel, etc.

Q – What is the best advice you have ever heard?

JoElle – Be thick skinned and open minded about constructive criticism.

Q – What’s next for you as a writer?

JoElle – Besides writing novels, I also write non-fiction articles on subjects ranging from health and fitness to

community concerns. I’ve had these published in newspapers and trade magazines. I’d like to make the

time to write more non-fiction. I’ve kind of neglected this side of me lately.

Q – Do you listen to or talk to your characters? How do you interact with your characters while you are


JoElle – Of course. All the time. Very often I become my characters, as I write scenes involving them.

I feel their emotions as I describe them. They laugh, I laugh. They cry, I cry. I talk back and forth in their

dialogues. It is almost like I am all the actors in a play, acting out the scenes as the play is being written.

Q – What do you think about the future of book publishing?

JoElle – I spend a lot of time driving, so I am a fan of audio books. However, even though I have kindle on

my tablet, I have yet to read a kindle book. I like to turn pages. I like hunting for books on bookstore

shelves. And I know I am not alone in this. Computers are changing our lives, but I don’t know that

physical books will entirely disappear. Even though we have iTunes, people still play instruments and go

to live concerts. Even though electronic keyboards exist, people still play pianos. Even though movies

can be downloaded and bought on DVD, people still go to the theater to watch them, people still watch

stage performances. I think humans have a need to physical contact with the arts, including physically

holding a book.



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