Camelot Shall Fall

Deep in the heart of Albion lays the great castle Camelot, an ancient castle and city built up once again late in Votegern’s reign after hearing of the Prophecy of Two Dragons. Once Camelot is re-founded he Christens his great house Pendragon.

His son Uther Pendragon takes the throne and sires his son Arthur, who will unite all of Albion under the banner of the Red Dragon and bring about an age of peace and prosperity for all Britons. But there is darkness for the prodigal son of Albion born on Midwinter, for the circumstances that brought him into this world killed Gorlois, the Lady Mórghaínne’s father. That was only the first offense Mórghaínne, her mother and sisters suffered at the hands of Uther Pendragon, and now twisted with a deep seated need for vengeance Mórghaínne puts herself to bed every evening with one simple mantra “Camelot Shall Fall”.




First installment of “Camelot Shall Fall” will be soon.


2 thoughts on “Camelot Shall Fall”

    1. Thanks! I hope to be finished sooner than later, unfortunately I have been struggling with depression and stretching myself far too thin with my projects (hence why no additions this month :() I am getting back into the swing of things now and will release a youtube video and posts soon explaining it all. Take care!


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