Camelot Shall Fall. Update and Excerpt.

As most of you know I rewrote what little I had of Camelot Shall Fall and made it from what was to be a serial to a novel. None of the chapters are out yet because I want to polish and finish it, submitting it before publication. Camelot Shall Fall is a stand alone and will be finished probably before my Tree of Nine World’s Saga comes together. The Camelot Shall Fall page will now instead post excerpts from each chapter.

Speaking of excerpts, here’s one


“You will take care of him, won’t you?”

Morrowen cradled the small child in her arms brushing aside his black hair from the bright green eyes. She looked up from the infant to see the same same eyes staring at her, filled with tears. Mórghaínne stood before her clutching her necklace nervously as she beheld her child. Morrowen looked to Gawaine sleeping peacefully in his cradle and knew it couldn’t be easy for her to give up her only child.

“You don’t have to do this, Mórghaínne. Mordred will be…”

Mórghaínne folded her arms and only shook her head swollowing her sobs. “I can’t, Morrowen. The life I lead…I just can’t!”

“Mórghaínne,” Morrowen whispered. “This is your child. Abandon this hopeless quest for vengence and take care of him. He needs his mother.”

“Have you forgotten everything that man has done to us?” she cried. “Uther married you to Lot! That son of a bitch nearly killed you, several times!”Mórghaínne marched up to her sister and turned her to face the polished silver. Morrowen looked at her reflection feeling her sister’s disgust rise within her. Lot had learned after years to leave her face alone so he could keep his beautiful wife, but fading bruises peaked from beneath her shift and along her bare arms. Her stomach churned remembering each blow. She was sickened with herself at the joy that bubbled inside her knowing Lot was now dead.

“Lot has paid for his crimes. And Uther died long ago. Our mother wouldn’t want us to go after Arthur. And she certainly wouldn’t want you to give up your only child.”

“Too much blood has been shed over the dream of Camelot, and Arthur is as much to blame as Uther.” Mórghaínne turned to walk away to the door. “If it’s the last thing I do, Camelot shall fall, and Mordred can claim his birthright once it is safe. I’ll not have his father discover him, and I certainly will not have him raised by a Pendragon. He’ll be safe with you.”

Mordred cooed from Morrowen’s arms. Mórghaínne slowly walked over to Mordred, who followed her movements with his eyes. She gasped as reached up his tiny arm to meet her, entreating her. Mórghaínne sobbed feeling the urge to touch her child so overwhelming that she extended her finger to him. Mordred wrapped his hand around her finger, which only brought more tears to her eyes. She shook and sobbed as she took him into her arms. “There’s so much that’s not right in the world, so much that…” Mórghaínne choked. “But mother will make it right for you. You’ll see. I love you, Mordred.”

Morrowen cried herself to see her sister gently rocking her nephew in her arms. She didn’t know how much time had passed when Mórghaínne teary eyed handed the child back into her arms. “Your aunt Morrowen is going to take good care of you.”

“He’s your son.”

Mórghaínne bit her lip and nodded meeting her sister’s eyes with great sorrow. “That’s why I’m doing this. Morrowen, I had a vision. Mordred will die if he walks my path. I have to let him go.” Mórghaínne kissed his brow and left the room before she could fall apart.



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