Bisexuality in Popular Media

Now that it's nearly two months after PRIDE month, I think now is the best time to discuss queer representation in popular media. My thoughts are as follows, it sucks...but it's getting much, much better. It should be said that in true Maeve fashion, this is a fusion of well-thought-out points and three AM thoughts.… Continue reading Bisexuality in Popular Media


How to Not to Workshop Like a Jerk.

As writers, we all dread this but desperately need this.Picture courtesy of Pexels Writers' workshops are an incredible privilege to take advantage of if you have the opportunity. It can be an in official capacity, or it can simply be a group of friends with a mutual interest in the craft. Either way, it's invaluable to writers of all experience levels. That being said,… Continue reading How to Not to Workshop Like a Jerk.

Active vs Passive Voice

The top sentence is written in the passive voice  whereas the bottom is written in the active voice. What's the Difference? Active voice in English prose involves a character (or thing) doing something whereas the passive voice describes something being done to someone or something else. This is an important distinction to make as whether you use active or passive voice can influence how your novel reads and the overall tone of… Continue reading Active vs Passive Voice

Never Good Enough: Creative Work with Depression and Anxiety.

Trigger Warning: I'm writing about my struggling producing creatively and academically while grappling with mental health issues. I will be touching on suicidal thoughts. I will also link international resources below. If you are struggling your not alone. This is my story. Sorry, it's shorter than it used to be, but it's long. I have… Continue reading Never Good Enough: Creative Work with Depression and Anxiety.